What is SOP and LOR?

SOP Writing Services

Reading Time: 7 minutes SOP stands for Statement Of Purpose. It is written with the purpose to convince the respective authorities to grant you a Visa permit in the respective country, and admission to the respective university. Whereas the LOR stands for Letter Of Recommendation from a designated person to recommend a particular person to the respective institution and … Read more

Personal Statement for College Application

Personal Statement for College Application

Reading Time: 4 minutes A personal statement is a personal document submitted to university to convince the respective authorities that you are a deserving candidate. In the personal statement, you tell them about the qualities you endure in yourself which justify your candidature.  Why do personal statement matter for College applications? Colleges and Universities are looking for a candidate … Read more

Personal Statement V/S Statement Of Purpose

Statement Of Purpose

Reading Time: 5 minutes The personal statement is a personally written document aimed at explaining why you are a deserving candidate and what makes you unique among the rest. The Statement of Purpose is aimed to tell the respective organization why you want to pursue a particular course, university, country or even profession. However, both look almost similar but … Read more

Statement of Purpose for Job

Statement of Purpose

Reading Time: 4 minutes A statement of purpose is a formal document written personally stating the reason for joining the respective organization. You should add your personal achievements, skills, interests and goals explaining your aim to achieve your career.  A well-built SOP will help you stand out from the crowd and put you on a better pedestal for hiring … Read more